How To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Layer of fat under the skin under the Chin, giving the appearance of having an extra Chin.  Double chin commonly known as submental  is a common condition that occurs when forming a layer of fat under the Chin. Weight gain is major reason for double chin. It may also cause by  genetics or more elastic skin caused by aging double chin. If you want to slim down your Chin area, and there are many ways that you can take. It can be annoying and unsightly fat Chin, especially if you like to wear shirts and low cut tops. You may need to reduce the fat Chin so you can feel more comfortable with your chin and neck shape. You can Chin exercises, and maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet to help you lose weight in that area. To get a quick fix, you can try using cosmetic treatments such as injections and laser sculpting and liposuction. Getting the right hair and Chin exercises and having good posture is easy changes you can make right away.

Face fat can be reduce fast by blowing up balloons for your accent cheeks because it exercises the muscles and try to put hot towels on the face because sometimes  the steam can help you to reduce cheek fat. Sugar-free chewing gum for 20 minutes at least twice a day is a best exercise t o reduce face fat.

Double chin exercises:

1-The Scoop

First open your mouth and roll your lower lip over your teeth. Imagine you need to scoop water with your lower jaw. Move your head down in the scooping  movement close your mouth while raising your head. During this process make sure that the corners of your lips relaxed completely. Finally Repeat this process 5 to 7 times.


In this exercise you need to make two fists and placed directly under your chin. Then begin to move your lower jaw slightly down at your hand grip, muscle strain while overcoming resistance. Compression force should be increased gradually. When you reach the maximum resistance, hold for 3 seconds. Then you can relax, and repeat this process 5 to 7 times.

3-Touch Your Nose

Double chin is also linked to weakness of hyoid muscles. This is why they too need to be strengthened. Stick out tongue as possible and try to reach the nose with the tip of the tongue. Keep your lips relaxed.  Repeat this process 5 times.

4-Stick it Out

While facing forward open your mouth widely and stick the tongue slowly over the 5 times, so it’s as much as possible. Return of the tongue back in your mouth during the count five. Repeat this process for 10 times.

5-Kiss the giraffe

Lift up your face and look at the ceiling. Your lower jaw slightly forward and pucker your lips as if you were going to kiss someone. If you exercise correctly, you should feel great tension in your neck. Repeat this whole process for 5 times.

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